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Article by Martha Stewart february 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc And why you should try the different styles of wine made with this popular grape. Wild Wine’: France’s Loire Valley Do you like Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé? These famous French wines are both made of sauvignon blanc, although it may not say so on the label. Sauvignon blanc…

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Wine Enthusiast- May 2018

         95 pts Sancerre Blanc “Sauvage ”2015 “Editor’s Choice”   93 pts Sancerre Blanc “Le Grand Chemarin ” 2015 95 pts Sancerre Blanc “Le Roc ”2015     90 pts Sancerre Blanc “Les Caillottes” 2016 94 pts Sancerre Blanc “La Côte”2015 “Cellar Selection” 90 pts Sancerre Blanc “Clos du Roy” 2016 93 pts Sancerre…

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Wine & Spirits

“Year’s Best Loire Valley Wines”   92pts  Pouilly Fumé Pascal Jolivet  2016 90 pts Sancerre Blanc “Le Chêne Marchand” 2016 92 pts Sancerre Blanc “Sauvage” 2015

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Wine Spectator by James Molesworth

        92 pts Pouilly Fumé « Les Terres Blanches »  2016. A real rapier, with flint, chive and thyme notes that ripple along, flecked with sel gris and chalk accents along the way. Long and very precise. Needs a little time to unwind.         92pts Sancerre Blanc « Le Chêne Marchand » 2016 An…

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