Article by Martha Stewart February 2018


Everything You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc

And why you should try the different styles of wine made with this popular grape.






Wild Wine': France's Loire Valley

Do you like Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé? These famous French wines are both made of sauvignon blanc, although it may not say so on the label. Sauvignon blanc gets its name from the French word sauvage meaning “wild,” because it was an indigenous grape growing in the Loire Valley and throughout southwest France. The Loire produces more white wine than any other French region, and sauvignon blanc is one of its classic grapes for the region's characteristically fresh, mineral wines. Sancerre has a good dose of citrus flavor (think underripe grapefruit) and some green notes like cut grass, herbs, and green bell pepper. The wines of Pouilly-Fumé have a little flinty 'gunpowder' smokiness (the word fumé means smoke). Enjoy a glass of Loire sauvignon blanc with its perfect partner—goat cheese.