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For the main study of Wienakademiker, I wrote a thesis on the online market in the Netherlands, the question was whether there was a market for a site with higher wines. It appeared that around 10% of the market in the Netherlands was online – which will now be higher due to the corona crisis – and that 10% of the online market is focused on higher quality wines. So yes, there is room in the Netherlands for a site that only offers superior or more exclusive wines. Learn more about this research:  Internet wine sales booming

Just now VinVin was launched, a site with higher wines for consumers and the restaurant industry. Learn more in the press release.

The world of wine is very diverse, complex and often unclear. Even with all the new digital possibilities, it remains difficult for the wine consumer and professional to obtain premium wines other than the usual suspects without spending a lot of time. VINVIN was founded by passionate and experienced wine professionals with the goal of changing that and serving customers with guidance and personal class. Today, VINVIN puts online a collection of 300 wines from more than fifteen exclusive vineyards from the best European regions. Anyone who wants to drink better wine and is interested in authentic wines can contact VINVIN. In addition to these enthusiasts, VINVIN also focuses on selective distribution in the hotel industry, private buyers and wine collectors.

The founders are Corinne Hofland and Marcel Just de la Paisières, both wine experts, and Frank Laurentius, wine enthusiast and entrepreneur: “With our site, we want to offer the world of wine a platform that combines personality, class and quality with practical simplicity and a unique customer journey. More than 15 top-of-the-range houses accessible with 100% wines available delivered as soon as possible, by bottle, box or composite package. A one stop shop in the Champions League of European vineyards. »

The wine collection is made up of family estates including Pascal Jolivet (Loire), Domaine Virgile Lignier Michelot (Burgundy, Morey Saint Denis) and Xavier Monnot (Burgundy, Meursault) but also Fattoria dei Barbi (Tuscany), Weingut Högl (Wachau), Château La Tour de l'Évêque and Pétale de Rose (Provence), Domaine d'Henri (Chablis) and Marc Hebrart (Champagne). In addition, there are wines from Bordeaux, Alsace, Rioja, Moselle and Rueda and in the near future the wine world will be surprised with even more beautiful wines. You also drink better wine with the right glassware; the collection is therefore enriched with “state-of-the-art” glassware from Zalto.

VINVIN has a unique collaboration for the world of wine with people and entrepreneurs from a diverse international network of lifestyle, winemakers, top sports, art, commerce, hospitality and gastronomy. The connecting factor is the passion for honest and refined wine. This personally involved family of VINvestors and VINadvocates includes Frank Smulders (Master of Wine), Ramon Beuk (culinary consultant, chef, teacher), Emile van den Heuvel (entrepreneur), Sara Rosenthal (Rosenthal Interiors), Remy Curfs (entrepreneur), Pierre van Hooijdonk (former footballer and analyst) Pablo Lucker (artist) and Régine Sumeire (owner and winemaker of Château la Tour de l'Eveque, Provence).

VINVIN is a game-changer for the Dutch wine world. All this based on the combination of passion and quality with a total focus on the ultimate customer journey; from the selection of wines to enjoying a good glass of wine.

For more information visit:  WineWine


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