Sancerre wines originate from three soil types:  clay, limestone and flint.  We believe these wines are more floral and elegant than wines of the same type in other regions.
Pouilly Fumé wines come from an area located on the right bank of the Loire, which offers a large diversity of subsoil from the Ice Age and seems a lot more vibrant and mineral than Sancerre wines.
The vineyard is currently switching to organic viticulture.  This means we essentially spray copper and sulfur, which are raw materials from natural resources to prevent grapevine pests and diseases such as oidium and mildew.
We farm each terroir to enable natural weeding but also to eliminate the roots above ground, make them grow deep into the soil to reveal the best expression of the terroir.


    Grapes are mostly hand-harvested and the first sorting occurs while picking for our single-vineyard selection, hillside vineyards and old vines.
    The grapes are sorted a second time when they reach the cellar according to the vineyard they came from.  They are then gently pressed in a pneumatic press, the free-run juice and must drained naturally into thermo-regulated tanks thanks to our cellar built to enable gravity flow process.
    For Pascal Jolivet, it is essential to keep each of the grape origin separated.  These terroirs enhance the rich expression of one and only grape variety:  Sauvignon Blanc.


    Juices are not clarified and no yeasts are added before they run by gravity to the tanks where fermentation starts naturally.
    Each vineyard plot is vinified separately according to the type of soil and indigenous yeast, to best express the own caracteristics of the different terroirs.
    Wines are primarily matured on 3 to 6 months fine lees.  We then blend the wines from different terroirs for the “Initial” Pascal Jolivet range.
    The estate single vineyard selection are matured on the lees for 6 months and bottled in the spring.
    Juices from the best terroirs are fermented in 600 liters barrels, matured on fine lees for a year and used partially to produce “les grandes cuvées” range.
    Sauvage, Indigène and Exception are unfiltered prior to bottling.