Vintage 2017 by Valentina Buoso

"Vintage 2017 will join those early vintages"

"Winter was particularly cold and dry, characterised by an important rainfall deficit.
At the end of winter, as early as February temperatures rushed up, as an introduction to a remarkably hot spring.

First fortnight of April was particularly warm coupled with an early budburst. Second fortnight was marked by frost almost wintry (temperatures lowered down to minus 7° in some areas) for a few days. This caused substantial damages into the vineyard. The most affected plots of Domaine Jolivet were located in Pouilly Fumé.

Blooming started by the very first days of June under favourable climate conditions: quite hot weather and low pluviometry. So that fungal impact was very little.

This impact could remain rather gentle thanks to heat waves (temperatures over 30°) throughout the month of June. If, in one hand, heat is favourable to biologically controlled fungal diseases; on the other hand, the lack of rain could have become detrimental. In fact an important water

deficit (and hydric stress) caused a slowdown into the physiological stages of the plant.


Fortunately, the growth of the plant could continue, so that véraison could start very slowly.
Climate conditions in August allowed a normal course of the berries phenolic maturations.

At Domaine Pascal Jolivet harvests began on September 11 with Sauvignon blanc planted on "Caillottes" soils (an early terroir). They ended on September 22 with Pinot noir grapes. Berries displayed high quality, both flavourful and healthy.

White wines are much elegant, revealing citrus notes and yellow flesh fruits. Acidity is quite low for the region but mineral and minty notes of liquorice offer a beautiful freshness. In mouth wines are already rich and round.

Red wines present an intense purple tint with notes of tiny red fruits in the nose. As of now tannins are supple and the maturity is exceptional."

A rich and greedy vintage is coming!

Valentina Buoso

L'arrêt de la croissance n'a pas été complet, ce qui a permis à la véraison de démarrer très doucement.
Les conditions climatiques du mois d'Août ont permis un bon déroulement de la maturation phénolique des baies.

Au Domaine Pascal Jolivet, les vendanges ont commencé le 11 Septembre avec la récolte du Sauvignon Blanc sur des sols "Caillottes" (terroir le plus précoce) et se sont terminées le 22 Septembre avec les Pinot Noir. Les raisins présentaient une belle qualité gustative et sanitaire.

Les vins blancs sont très élégants, les notes d'agrumes et des fruits à chair jaune sont bien représentés. L'acidité est un peu faible pour la région mais les notes minérales et mentholées de réglisse aident à percevoir une très belle fraicheur. En bouche les vins sont déjà très gras et ronds.
Les vins rouges présentent une robe violette intense avec des notes de petits fruits rouge au nez ainsi que des tannins déjà souples et une maturité exceptionnelle. "


Un millésime riche et gourmand s'annonce!


Valentina BUOSO